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July 24, 2014 3 notes Reblog Comments
lnranger asked
I didn't know dual density dildos existed! That sounds like everything I've wanted. Thanks! Can't wait to upgrade my lady's cock.

Sweet!  It makes me happy to know that I may have made your ass happier and more satisfied one without even fucking it :) xoxox

July 24, 2014 4 notes Reblog Comments
Anonymous asked
Previously asked about your interest in growing your own cock, and your recent comments and reaction to the Kira stories confirmed it, so just wondering, in my crazy hypothetical-fantasical mind … would you trade reproductive fertility -- never ever having the chance to have your own kids -- to replace all your periods with 5-7 days of wielding your own cock every month until you would normally experience menopause? Would you want to retroactively use this power dating back to puberty?

Always happy to satisfy a crazy hypothetical-fantastical mind ;)  First off, you can’t ask a mom that after she’s had a kid…nothing trumps them.  Had you asked me that prior to having one…I still would have said no…and probably looked at you kinda funny because I never had these thoughts or desires back then! :P  If I didn’t have to give up anything that serious then I would definitely make some concessions to have my own real cock to wield some of the time.  Like give up popcorn or my love of reading…heck, maybe even my dog!! :) xoxoxo

July 24, 2014 9 notes Reblog Comments
devil1seven asked
So, here's a question. GF recently got a bigger girlcock. We rocked it once, and it was rather large for me but felt good after a bit (prolly needs a bit more lube). My question is: are real cocks or those "cyber flesh" dildos easier to take because they have a bit more "give" to them? The one we got her was rather hard-feeling and I'm wondering if that's how it actually feels or if we should have stepped up to a higher grade dildo instead.

Yes, real cocks and cyber flesh cocks won’t feel as rigid in your ass.  They are firm on the inside and softer on the outside.  So a dual-density dildo is better than one that is the same density all the way through.  If you and your gf love pegging then they are definitely worth the investment as you will notice a difference…though you can never have enough lube or prep when it comes to preparing for a larger dildo so that will not change ;) xoxox

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