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She was in fuck heaven, watching the two men merely kiss and touch and explore each other for the first time, especially for her. She moaned when they began wrapping strong fingers about one another’s hardening flesh poles. She crawled closer and cupped both sets of rocking ass cheeks as they tongue-fucked each other’s throats and rubbed their hips in rolling hard rhythms, like striking flints about to set a wildfire raging.

But when he finally knelt and wrapped his scruffy lips around that mushroomed head to taste his first fully thickened, dripping cock, she desperately needed to be close… not engaged in the act, just nuzzling near enough to breathe in the rough musk scent,  the soft to growling moans, the throat gurgles and sucking noises, and not only feel, but move in tandem with the rocking motions as hips rose and lips met them deep.

She loved the wild intoxicating visuals, but after awhile, she closed her eyes and lost herself in the sheer overload of man-to-man lust-driven sensations, as if she were a Siamese twin, vicariously savoring each and every sucking lick and deep plunge maneuvered by her other half’s wicked mouth, even hoping in a moment that she might catch some errant white spray when the fierce eruption blasted out of that pulsating time bomb.

Her fist was practically fully inside of her own screaming cunt before the power-thrust orgasm hit the suckled male. Oh, this was never going to get old… and they were not even to the best part yet….

Soon, she’d have the spent one lying over her lap being ass-pounded by the other…. that was the plan.

How would she ever manage to stay conscious for that stunning lap fuck-ride, considering her present state of swirling heady euphoria, she wondered?  

Oh, she would, fucking hell, she would….

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